About Rose

I am The Ardent Rose. I bring a bit of classy southern sass to a genre of naughty stories. My heart is filled with romantic fantasies conjured up from years of reading such books. I live in a small town in Missouri, but I am a born and bred Okie from Muskogee...Oklahoma that is. I am married with grown children, not the youngest in the bunch, but my years of experience prove to be beneficial in my writing. I am new at the author thing but I have been creative in one way or the other my entire life. I am passionate about writing and supporting other authors. Be careful what you share, you just might be my next story.

Finding the ‘O’

 Unedited excerpt from the DR. Naughty Series Coming in August Dr. Lucas Monroe pinched the bridge of his nose and tossed his glasses on the desk. He had about twenty minutes before his next consultation. He buzzed his nurse, “Nicole, could you come into my office?” She responded immediately. “Of course, doctor. I’ll be right [...]

Rendezvous in Cabo excerpt https://kdp.amazon.com/bookshelf

Clarissa awoke to the sunshine streaming through the patio doors. A soft breeze floated over her sore body. She tried to extricate herself quietly from the bed, but Gavin held her in a tight grasp. She watched him sleep. He had long eyelashes and luscious lips. Reaching her finger to his lips, she traced [...]

Fake or Real

REAL or FAKE I read a blog post about Indie Authors using pen names as a way to scam readers. Can I just say BULLSHIT! If my profile picture is a sexy woman, does that make me fake? Certainly not. I am a sexy woman, just not THAT sexy woman. Is my name Ardent [...]

Bleeding Hearts excerpt

She grabbed him and sucked his shaft down her throat. He could feel her taking in every inch. She never gagged, just swallowed every inch constricted around him. He hissed and stroked her hair. “That’s beautiful, honey.” Her tongue licked across his balls and he nearly lost it. He straddled her chest and jerked [...]

Tessa’s Curse excerpt…

His eyes looked deeply into her blues and realized he wanted her too. His larger hand engulfed hers and the scales slid away into the water exposing her tanned legs, and a small curly patch of hair between her thighs. David scooted closer to her. He needed to touch her skin. His hand grazed [...]

A Time To Heal

A TIME TO HEAL… (This is a venting communication, your pity is not required, only your understanding.) Over the last month, I find myself feeling unsettled. First, I had writer’s block. Unbelievable, because I have a ton of stories to write, but they just wouldn’t flow onto the page. My frustration escalated by a [...]

At Arm’s Length

He pushes her body away from his. One step back followed by two Sad eyes smile at you Lovers once to close too free Forgetting the clutter of life’s debris Temptation so great our bodies ache Stealing moments now we break The throb of what could have been Painful now just to be friends [...]

That Fine Line…

About five years ago, BDSM was an area of sexual conduct that was foreign to me, until I read the famous Fifty Shades of Grey. The phrase was then coined ‘Mommy Porn’, and criticized for its lack of realism. After reading other accounts of BDSM, I can say E.L. James version was tame compared to [...]

The Exploits of Dr. Naughty Vol. 2

He balled up his fists and shot across the room. “I am supposed to sit her and watch you fuck my wife and do nothing about it?” Lucas smirked at him. “Sir, you would not be in need of my services had you been actively participating instead of wearing blinders to this luscious woman.” Sandra [...]

Nature’s Kiss

He watches me. I can feel his eyes caress my curves. I can hear him sigh when I bend over. He thinks the waterfall drowns out his moans. I hear them. I crave the sound. The rustling of the leaves tells me he is stalking me. “Who is there?” He won’t answer, but I know [...]

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