• Amorous Appraisals

Amorous Appraisals

That Fine Line…

About five years ago, BDSM was an area of sexual conduct that was foreign to me, until I read the famous Fifty Shades of Grey. The phrase was then coined ‘Mommy Porn’, and criticized for [...]

“Grey” falls to WHITE

Charlotte E Hart is the author of the Dark Erotic Suspense/Romance trilogy White. She has just returned from a highly successful book signing at Leeds in the UK. Recently her trilogy climbed the ratings charts [...]

Eroticism: Is it Erotic or Erotica?

A review of The Present by Patrick Khayler Eroticism, of course, is from the Greek ‘Eros’ for desire. Eroticism encompasses many forms including erotica and erotic, not to be confused with an even more controversial [...]

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