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About The Author – Ardent Rose

I am The Ardent Rose. I bring a bit of classy southern sass to a genre of naughty stories.

My heart is filled with romantic fantasies conjured up from years of reading such books.

I live in a small town in Missouri, but I am a born and bred Okie from Muskogee…Oklahoma that is.

I am married with grown children, not the youngest in the bunch, but my years of experience prove to be beneficial in my writing.

I am new at the author thing but I have been creative in one way or the other my entire life.

I am passionate about writing and supporting other authors.

Be careful what you share, you just might be my next story.


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Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Dillon is sent to protect a famous author, Kimi Garrote, from death threats. He must solve the mystery before there is a murder.

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Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts

Dillon GreyWolfe takes a vacation to let his heart heal. The cold winds of Colorado seemed the perfect spot, Manitou Springs held the perfect attraction.

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Stolen Heart 1

Dillon GreyWolfe Bounty Hunter: Stolen Heart

Dillon GreyWolfe was a well known bounty hunter. He specialized in fugitive recovery and personal protection.

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Water Nymphs of Oceania: Tessa's Curse

Water Nymphs of Oceania: Tessa’s Curse

The fictional Coral Realm of Oceania is inhabited by water nymphs and sea sprites.  Tessa a beloved water nymph has been cursed into a siren.

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What Are People Saying About My Books

The Ardent Rose writes splendid romance scenes with lots of exploration and detail. I enjoyed this book and will recommend it to others.
Romania With Love is a good read, by Ginny
He makes you feel like your more than his own life. The authors know how to capture the essence of determination to survive and not having to settler or anything.
Beyond expectations, by Amazon buyer
If you want an erotic story told erotically, this book is good news for you. You’re going to get a hot read and you’re going to get it good.
Good ol' Fashioned Southern Romance, by MJ